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Welcome to Bataz Bloggers Club!

Love writing about the latest trends? Want to become a brand influencer? Want to make a name in the World of Fashion?

This is your chance to go from being just a Content Writer to a Fashion Blogger to a Brand Influencer… maybe even a Fashionista!

This is the place to be!
Bataz Bloggers Club is the ultimate platform where YOU can write about your favourite brands, the latest trends, celebrity styles – just about anything Fashion!
If you think you have what it takes to be the next big thing in Fashion and Lifestyle, send us your work and we might publicise your work on our blog!
That’s not all, we will also reward you for it!
So what are you waiting for? Fill in this form and start typing!

Here’s what you have to do:

-Submit the form
-Write an article
-Email it to MyBataz (social@mybataz.com)
-Keep writing about your other favourite brands
-Complete different milestones and win free stuff!

Scroll down to view all the rules, regulations and REWARDS in detail!


Rules You Must Abide By:

  1. The article must be minimum 400 words long
  2. The article must contain relevant images
  3. The article should be relevant to Fashion & Lifestyle
  4. The article can be generic or an analysis piece, depending on your skills

You Can Write About:

[click on the individual link to see examples]


  • Send your articles to social@mybataz.com
  • Use the “Subject” line- Bataz Blogger’s Club –
  • Write about the brand history
  • Write about your experience with the brand
  • Give some lesser known facts (interesting titbits) about the brand
  • Tell funny anecdotes that happened to you or someone you know
  • Proofread the article once more before you click ‘Submit’


  • Don’t plagiarise someone else’s work (would you like it if someone copied your hard work and submitted it as their own?)
  • Don’t use pixelated images. Minimum dimensions 640×480 (the article needs to look good too!)
  • Don’t forget to add an Image Source (Google Images don’t count!)
  • Don’t use inappropriate images (this is not a porn site, duh!)
  • Don’t make spelling or grammatical mistakes (you do want to be taken seriously, right?)
  • Don’t forget to add your name and profile link at the bottom of your article! (you want people to know who wrote the brilliant article!)
  • DON’T PLAGIARISE! (some people need to be told twice)
  • Don’t Plagiarise! (and then once more)

No Shortcuts! No Cheating!

You are at the perfect place – where the real action takes place! MyBataz is your perfect opportunity to get recognised as a professional writer in the World of Fashion; tell your fashion stories and win exciting prizes and goodies! So, let the game begin!