From the seen to the unseen.
We’ve covered clothing quite a bit and it‘s always going to be a staple topic at myBataz. On top of that I’ve made my life’s mission to see you dress your best every second of the day. But let’s talk about something different now. Something that is equality important: perfumes! Before I say what I want to say I want you to realise that perfumes too are an important part of your upkeep. In fact, it is one of the most important. Just because you can’t see it after you ‘wear’ it, doesn’t mean it matters less. The key word being WEAR. Moreover, philosophically speaking, what you can’t seem to see in a lot of cases is the one you can feel the most.

Often neglected in a normal social setting and almost never included in discussions around masculinity, the perfume is a crucial part of your arsenal which, if you play your cards right, can win the battle with overpowering elegance. And funnily, it gets noticed due to its mysterious nature. I’ll be honest with you guys – I don’t know much about perfumes as much as I know about men’s clothing.

When it comes to clothing I can suggest an individual as to what he should wear as per his physique. Those things for me are at the top of my head. But my knowledge of perfumes is a little more than the average guy. So basically even I’ll be learning as I write this piece. And I’m glad I’m doing this. While I share some key things you all should know, keep in mind even I’m learning along the way.

  1. For starters, when you decide to finally buy a perfume, go to the experts rather than your locality’s general or medical store. Avoid even going to the supermarket. I’ll tell why. Even though they must be housing decent options, they don’t exactly know the science of it. They are just there to sell it. They can only describe the smells as ‘good or bad’ or worse, okay okay. If you want to look at the art of perfumery, I’d prefer you go to a well established art gallery where you are guided by a professional.

    I remember when I had gone to the mall at my hometown, there was a kiosk of Jimmy Choo. The sales executive approached me and asked to try it out. Out of curiosity, I did. What did I have to lose?

    And there I saw a professional at work.

    The way he sprayed the perfume on those cards, the way he presented it and explained it – the whole deal.

    So, go to a proper store.
  2. Don’t try too many things. Invest in one good quality perfume and stick it to it. Make it ‘your’ scent. When you go out, be it a normal day or a social event, people should recognise it as your fragrance. Make an impression.
  3. It’s a myth when people say good perfumes are expensive. For the short-sighted, may be. But if you think for even 10 secs, you’ll realise the opposite is true. The perfume I’m using now is by Zara and you know how much it has cost me? Rs. 500. That’s it. Now this is going to last me probably 2-3 months with regular use. I think that’s a fantastic deal! And I’m sure this is one of most basic perfumes they have but even that smells great. Go for it and invest around 1-2k. Believe me, you don’t regret it.
  4. If you are interested and this is purely optional, try to ‘study’ it. By that I mean try to understand the scent and distinguish all the layers as much as possible. Read about the ‘notes’ that were used in the making of that gem. Notes in a perfume are different arrangement of scents that come together to deliver the fragrance of the perfume upon application. Try to be as good as you can at your nose job.

When I say perfumes, I’m talking about proper perfumes and colognes and not those cheap Rs. 99/- deos that guarantee the girl will pounce on you the moment you spray them. Also, I equate them with sprays you use for killing cockroaches and other pests. Who knows, that actually might work.

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