To become a style guru you don’t have to take a ton of courses or start following  every latest fashion show to transform your own style and make sense of what contemporary fashion is all about. Just follow these simple rules, abide by them and you will become  a style guru in no time!

Rule #1

Black is your default option. When you can’t decide what to wear, you go for all black. A black leather jacket to be more specific would be perfect for this moment. And if you are heading out in the day time, do not forget your black sunnies. Sunglasses are important every time you head out.

Rule #2

What you clothes cost doesn’t really matter. In fact what matters the most is how you combine your look. You can go with an expensive handbag with a top you bought from the thrift store.

Rule #3

Mix your style. Go for something unusual. A classic example is wearing sneakers with indo western dresses. This style is an absolute head-turner.

Rule #4

Play with sizes. You dont have to style yourself in well-fitted dresses or crop tops. Over sized clothing looks equally classy, and you should always keep on experimenting with these looks.

Rule #5

Less is more. And we all know that. Try to keep your makeup quite neutral and minimal. A dash of bright lipstick is perfect if you are heading to an occasion but the rest of your makeup should be kept simple. Even for your hairstyle, a simple ponytail or less-dramatic curls work the best.


And last but not the least, your confidence is the key to become a style guru. Just be confident in whatever you wear, and you can create a style statement in no time.


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