From baggy dress shirt to white athletic socks, this is your ideal guide to where most men go wrong in the style game.

 Athletic Socks

Gym socks with a formal apparel are a big no. They look absolutely cheap and get dingy easily. Opt for some timeless black or brown dress socks. Or if you are looking for some colourful symphony, try out some unique colours with good designs to showcase your personality.

Extra-long Trousers

Baggy trousers can make anyone look shorter and sloppy. Always choose trousers that barely touches the top of your shoes. Even better if you get them made by a tailor.

Square Toe Dress Shoes

Square toe dress shoes are one of the most unaccepted fashion accessories today.  They are totally something everyone should avoid as they do not look appealing at all. Instead of the square toe, go for a classic rounded, or medium pointed ones.

Long Jacket Sleeves

Suit jackets have become a fashion staple for men. But here is the catch, most men end up wearing a bad-fitted suit jacket. Always remember that your jacket’s sleeves should hit just above your wrist bone and must allow half inch of your shirt’s cuff to be visible.

Baggy Dress Shirt

Baggy dress shirt can ruin the look no matter how good or well fitted your other clothing items are. Always ensure that the collar is well-fitted with room for only two fingers. Next you must make sure is the shoulder seam- which should always touch the edge of your shoulder. And last but not the least, if there is extra fabric clouding around your torso, that shirt is not for you.



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