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Professional advice on Fashion, from people working in the Fashion Industry - MyBataz just made my dream a reality! Now, I don't have to search for hours on Google for fashion tips and advice anymore, I just MyBataz it. Getting professional help really did make a difference for me, I know a lot more about how to look striking than I did yesterday. Thanks for doing such a great job! Keep rocking!

Jyothi Shukla, Nagpur, Maharashtra​

I absolutely love the designer on demand feature! I do consider myself to be quite fashion forward, but there are some days when I have doubts about the quirky ensembles I put together. I got a quick response to my questions about which outfit choice would look better for a lunch with my friends, and the feedback really boosted my confidence as well. I'm definitely gonna keep using this. Well done, and thanks a ton!

Nikita Agrawal, Bangalore, Karnataka