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MyBataz is an international brand communities platform which aspires to be a social media network for all things Fashion! Additionally, it is a platform where our users get to become Brand Influencers and gain their own following in the fashion world as well as they will get amazing fashion news; our users can also participate in brand campaigns & contests held every week and stand the chance to win cool merchandise and cash rewards for posting pictures on their favourite brands. Whether you are seeking advice, sharing your style or creating new trends, MyBataz is the ideal platform that helps you connect with like-minded fashionistas, professional stylists, designers, models and your favourite brands. A single app for all your fashion & lifestyle needs where we help consumers with the latest trends, provide them with professional advice, recommend them on where to shop and help them flaunt their style – all on one platform!

That’s not all! Get up-to-date news on fashion, the current fashion shows, the latest fashion trends, the newest styles, celebrity interviews, videos, infographics, tutorials, beauty tips, DIYs & Hacks and more – only on the MyBataz blog!

Most online fashion sites tell people what to wear, but, MyBataz wants to know what PEOPLE are wearing. The ultimate goal of MyBataz is to revolutionise the fashion world by making fashion accessible to everyone. Because, Fashion is for EVERYONE!